Ghost Stories

So…the new Coldplay album has arrived and it has a lot to live up to following Xylo Myloto, however nearly 5 years have passed since and it is clear that Coldplay have moved on.  

I’ve read a few reviews in papers whilst on my travels recently and these reviews have mainly been very negative towards Ghost Stories.  One review even questioned whether Jonny Buckland was still part of the band, because of the lack of “swashbuckling” signature guitar riffs that have characterised Coldplay songs up to now.

Well, all I can say is that these reviews are very unfair!  Life moves on, tastes and styles change, so why can’t a band evolve their musical offerings?  Yes…Ghost Stories is a departure from the traditional Coldplay style and yes, it has probably been heavily influenced by Chris Martin’s split from Gwyneth Paltrow, but so what?

Personally, I think Ghost Stories is a very refreshing change, with more focus on mellow tunes and an increase in the prominence of electronic music and when Jonny Buckland does strum his strings it is done with subtle class.  Less is more afterall…

Nice work Coldplay!


Peleton Mix

I’ve finally done something that I have always wanted to do and create my on mix.  I mixed this using a Pioneer DDJ-Wego controller.  There are a few dodgy transitions, but we all have to start somewhere.  Not quite as smooth as Sasha or Digweed, but I hope you enjoy…..


When Things go Wrong

Why is it that when one thing goes wrong, then that seems to lead to a string of other events that also go wrong?

Last night I was due to travel back from Rome and all was going well.  I had arrived at the airport in good time, had a relaxing bite to eat, bought a few Italian goodies and was first in line to board the plane.  Great, I thought, will be home at a reasonable time.

We were then asked to board the plane and got on the transfer bus, then things started to go wrong.  There were only 10 of us on the bus and no others got on.  We waited for 10 minutes, but were then asked to return to the terminal building.  The plane had a technical fault, so I prepared myself mentally for a long delay.  Thankfully the delay was only 1 hour and we were in the skies bound for Manchester and I was sat on the second row, looking for a quick exit as I only had hand baggage.

On arrival at Manchester we were told that the gate we had arrived at did not allow front of the plane access, so we had to disembark from the rear of the plane, so I was now effectively at the back, with no chance of a quick exit.  10 minutes later, I was off the plane and on to another coach.

After proceeding through passport control, I went to collect my car from the valet parking and was told my keys were not there….aaarrgghh!  I had told the company that I wanted to collect my car from T1, but they had ignored this request and my car was waiting for me a T3.  They were very good though and drove it over to me, but that cost me another 10 minutes.

Whilst these hold-ups were nothing major, it made me think that when things go wrong, they don’t go wrong once and it ends up being one of those journeys.  There is nothing you can do about, so just go with the flow and don’t get annoyed.

By the way, I got home safely at 00:45 very tired.


The first problem when you create a blog is to think about what on earth you are going to write about.  Well, this blog is going to include thoughts and ramblings from my world, the world of James Lovell.  This could include anything really, but I suspect will mainly involve topics that are work related, cycling related or photographic related.

For those of you that are interested, I work for IBM as a Smarter Commerce Consultant across Europe helping our clients realise value from our product portfolio.  My specialism is around multi-channel retailing.  From a personal perspective my passions are road cycling and photography.  I ride my bike as regularly as my work and wife allow me and I also try to tie in my photography at the same time.